High five your health care provider - November 4, 2016

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It is with deep gratitude that I send this letter to you, the folks who are in charge of the service, care and operation of the Chilliwack General Hospital for those of us who live in this community.
I arrived at the hospital the evening of Friday, September 15, by BC Ambulance Service, by a remarkable medical team and even though it was an extremely busy time with four ambulances already parked, I was taken into Emergency only to immediately be attended to. Over the next many days, I received amazing care from all levels of your staff, be it medical teams, lab technicians, stretcher ‘drivers’ or cleaners.
I spent some days in ICU, my life on the line as I found out later. I had been diagnosed with a ‘deadly killer called Septic Sepsis’ and the level of non-stop treatment and care given to me 24/7 by teams of experienced and knowledgeable ICU staff is the reason I am here, in my home, sending this letter. I am at a loss as to how to let you know what a priceless gift your hospital staff doing their jobs every day with pride and professionalism, is to this community.
I feel it is incumbent upon people like me to tell hospital administrators when they are successful in performing this job in providing their community with excellent service. For this, me and my family are filled with gratitude. Thank you. I sincerely hope you share this success with all your staff please.

P.S. Your decision to allow wee pets into the hospital is a huge success as I saw when my daughter would bring her wee doggie in each day to visit with me and other patients. To see their smiles is such a wonderful medicine. Thank you.

My visits from my nurse practitioner have been great for me. I have visual and mobility concerns. Today my NP set my mind at ease after I had a bad reading from a D Dimmer blood test. She changed some meds, listened to heart and lungs, took my BP and oxygen readings. This was done in my home. I did not have to take a taxi or wait for Handy Dart, she was in my home and took care of me. I have heart failure and leaky heart valves, tricuspid and mitral. I want to stay in my own condo as long as possible. In my humble opinion I think your nurse practitioner program is essential for 85 year old seniors like me and many of my friends.

This is a letter of thanks. At 2:00 a.m., October 15, I went to emergency for the second time with a raging throat infection that I had for four days. I was told there would be a wait because at such an hour only one doctor was on duty. About 3:30 a.m., Dr. Justin Ahn, looked in my throat and asked for a blood test, an X-ray of my neck and put me on antibiotic IV with pain killers and a mild steroid for swollen throat. From that moment within 20 minutes I was put on IV and the X-ray and blood tests were done and I was awaiting results. 
In about 90 minutes, with swelling was down and the pain reduced, I was more comfortable and able to speak. Dr. Ahn stopped in briefly to confirm my pain was caused by an infection (cellulitis) and that I would require IV for a few days under the outpatient program. The nurse took the time to explain further about the medications I was given, the test results and she told me about the OPAT program. 
Please take a moment to thank Dr. Ahn for me. As well as the nursing staff that evening and the two technicians in X-ray who were clear, kind and helpful to me and my wife. 
No one wants to go to Emergency, but it’s nice to know when you are very sick there is a team of helpful professionals at Royal Columbian Hospital. Thanks again.

My bone scan was at Royal Columbian Hospital at 3:00 p.m. on October 3. I didn’t get the lady's name who performed my bone scan but this was honestly my best experience at Royal Columbian Hospital. I just wanted to send compliments to the image technician. She was so nice and made me feel welcome and happy in what was an anxious visit for me. I wish I got her name so I could send a better compliment, all I remember is she had red curly hair and she had a student helping her that day who was also very friendly and kind.

I had a lumpectomy procedure at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre last week and the staff was amazing! Very caring and supportive -- especially Anna-Lise and Julieta. Thank you very much.

My 90-year old mother was brought to Langley Memorial Hospital by ambulance after falling in her home. She was seen by an excellent emergency room physician who provided exceptional care to my mother in the emergency department. By the time I arrived from Ottawa my mother had been admitted, was sitting up in bed and able to converse. She had already received physiotherapy with the goal of getting her out of bed and improving her mobility. She appeared to be able to return to her home and so she was transferred to the third floor. At this point, over a three day span, my mother's health deteriorated. The nurses on the third floor were hardworking and very busy but always found the time to provide exceptional care. The cleaning staff that came in every day also did an excellent job. They were friendly and respectful.
When we were told on Saturday my mother probably had only days to live, we decided that family members would stay overnight to be with her. The nurses brought chairs, pillows and blankets so we would be comfortable during the night. They continued to provide exceptional care. They made calls to the doctors, increased her medication as needed and worked as a team when they had to move her in her bed. She passed away Sunday evening but their care did not stop there. They made sure we were well looked after and they encouraged us to spend as much time as we needed to say goodbye.
Nurses do an unbelievably difficult job and their exceptional dedication and caring attitude made this difficult admission comfortable for my mother and our family.

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