A year of caring

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Cuddling babies in withdrawal. Comforting Aborginal youth in crisis. Helping palliative patients pass peacefully. Saving people from overdoses. Our staff have incredible stories. Moving moments from the front lines of health care in our Year of Caring.

Cuddles for little angels

“Having that extra set of hands to soothe that baby, it’s almost as valuable as medicine.” How Abbotsford Regional Hospital neonatal intensive care volunteer cuddlers are helping heal substance-exposed infants. Read full story.

Safe from harm

“We are sending a message that we care about you and we don’t want you to die.” How a regional harm reduction coordinator is saving lives in Surrey, fighting fentanyl with street-level overdose outreach and naloxone training. Read full story.

A blessing in a blanket

“It sends a message to Aboriginal youth that you are valuable and we respect your values and beliefs.” How a Surrey Memorial Hospital social worker supports First Nations youth in mental health crisis by connecting them to their culture. Read full story.

The beauty of bedside manners

“Dr. Auersperg gave us the most amazing gift. He didn’t just take care of my dad; he took care of my family.” How a Ridge Meadows Hospital physician eased a patient’s passing with his beautiful bedside manner. Read full story.

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