Humans of Fraser Health: Michael Marchbank

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"My mother was a nurse so I was introduced to health care early. In our family we joked that we weren’t allowed to be sick. My career started as a fundraiser for a hospital foundation 33 years ago; I’ve stayed in health care ever since, and find it to be an incredibly rewarding job.  
I love visiting our sites. I’m inspired by our people – their ideas, creativity and desire to serve. Speaking with patients, I hear they’re going through a lot; they’re vulnerable, but optimistic about their journey thanks to our staff. People may think all I pay attention to are indicators and balancing budgets, but I pay a lot of attention to the experiences of our patients and our providers – good or bad.
When I am not at work I like to cook. I consider myself a weekend chef. It’s relaxing and uses all components of my brain, the creative and the technical – you have to follow those numbers or your cake will fall. My wife, two daughters and I also like to travel, recently we were in Argentina and Peru. I love learning about new cultures and seeing things through another lens. I walk our family dog, Coco, The Wonder Dog, every day. She wasn’t my idea, but I really enjoy her and our walks, and she is a terrific listener."
- Michael Marchbank, President and CEO, Fraser Health  

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