Humans of Fraser Health: Melanie Madill

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"In elementary school I realized medicine would be a good fit; I was good at science and liked people. As a teen I anticipated I’d be single and never have children; I knew I’d want to be out at night delivering babies, that kind of stuff. I now have two grown kids, ages 22 and 26. Sometimes my husband asks when I’m coming home, but I know that’s code for ‘I love you, I miss you, please come home if you’re not busy.’ Many working women have that dilemma. The beautiful thing about family medicine is it’s incredibly flexible.
My brother was dying of cancer when I started my practice. My sister-in-law had their two small kids to look after so I was needed as part of his care team. It was a difficult time. It helped me see how people can have trouble following medical advice when they’re overwhelmed by their personal life.
I enjoy long distance cycling with my husband. We started dating in grade 12; he was pivotal in encouraging me to become a doctor. He’ll meet me at the door with dinner made or the bicycles ready to go. You need that extra inspiration to do self-care at the end of day."
- Dr. Melanie Madill, Family Physician for Chilliwack area with privileges at Chilliwack General Hospital

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