Humans of Fraser Health: Lawrence Yang

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"My parents always said as long as I’m on this earth my purpose is to help people. My passion and identity are rooted in that. But early in my career I experienced burn out. It’s awful; you feel like you don’t have time to care. Something had to give. I reached out, made connections. I’ve become cool about asking for help. The idea that you need to know everything and be perfect doesn’t work. If you don’t show your vulnerability, you stagnate. If you’re only focused on your part, you’re not being effective. Good health care is a team sport.
I advocate for holistic care. I believe spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of health are equally important. Our bodies have a resiliency in them which we can nurture through mindfulness.
I like singing. I tried out for Canadian Idol in 2003. I stood in the Ford Centre line for 24 hours, but only made it past the first round. I’m also a mixed martial arts fan. Ronda Rousey is my favourite. Once, I flew to California to buy her car. Just an old Honda Accord – but she’d signed the dash. I drove it home through mountains and blizzards. My wife wasn’t impressed."
- Lawrence Yang, family physician with privileges at Surrey Memorial Hospital

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