Humans of Fraser Health: Erica Thomson

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"I worked at a centre for street-involved women run by women, like me, with lived experience. It wasn’t about ‘fixing’ someone. We were there to find out what they needed in that moment: something to eat, getting away from an abuser or writing a letter to kids they hadn’t spoken to in 10 years.
I came here because I wanted to do advocacy on a higher level. We’re working on long-term strategies; meanwhile I can’t stop thinking about people we’re losing. Four people will die today. We need to change, fast. We’re talking social reform; changing values, beliefs and social norms.
A person’s worth isn’t based on the substances they put in their body and it doesn’t help when we push them away. Society has a discourse of disposal for the most marginalized, but we need to hold space for everybody.  
I’m competitive in the sports arena. I do triathlons and ultra-swimming events. My beautiful 12-year-old daughter keeps me on my toes. Parenting can be terrifying. I try to impart knowledge. I’m not sure she always likes it, but I want to provide her with the best understanding of the world that I can."
- Erica Thomson, Peer Coordinator, Harm Reduction Program

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