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Spring is the perfect time to shake up your winter routine and put some spring back in your step. We’ve got tips to help you spring clean your lifestyle to boost you and your family’s health and vitality. Whether its lightening up your plate or getting back to outdoor play, here are more than 15 ways to kick start your spring!

Spring clean your body and mind

Spring signals to many of us to clean up our homes, shake up our habits and tune up our health and fitness. Here are some ways to get healthy in mind and body, safely.
  • Spring clean your body. Don't fall into a diet fad trap of detoxing and cleansing. Instead, follow these three nourishing steps to total nutrition and spring wellness.

Get outside and play

Warmer spring weather is a perfect time to get outside and be more active.
  • Hike. Try one of our many local trails – Vancouver Trails provides info on difficulty, distance and time to hike for trails across the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Whistler/Pemberton region.
  • Walk. Not quite ready for hiking? Walking doesn’t require special gear and can be done by anyone – the key is to make time in your day and help your family stay active.  Check out our guide to help you walk your way to health.
  • Get the kids away from the screen. Long dark winter afternoons may be perfrct for watching movies, but spring brings a new opportunity to get your kids off screens and on to other activities. We’ve got some kid-approved ideas to get your kids active in our article “Unplugged.”

Try new spring activities

  • Spring Break activities. Planning a staycation? We’ve got active ideas to help you entertain your children over the spring break. Read our ideas for keeping kids engaged with 7 ways to fill 7 days with active Spring Break activities
  • Farm and petting zoo visits. Going to visit the baby animals at your local farm this Easter? Protect your little ones from animal-borne diseases. Follow these petting zoo tips to ensure they don’t take any germs home from their farm visit.

Celebrate sensibly

  • Easter healthy eating. For many families, Easter is all about sweets, from chocolate eggs to marshmallow chicks. Sweets are fine in moderation, and we have suggestions for how to limit their impact on you and your children’s health in our 6 healthy habits for a happy Easter article. Plus, if you want to forgo sweets entirely, but still find ways to celebrate, read our 5 healthier Easter ideas to help you think outside the basket.
  • Vaisakhi food safety. Every April, millions of Sikhs around the world – and thousands in Fraser Health – celebrate Vaisakhi, a day that marks the Punjabi New Year. The Vaisakhi parade in Surrey draws upwards of 300,000 people, and many sample food from vendors along the way. Here are some Vaisakhi food safety do’s and don’ts to have a healthy holiday. 
  • Spring Break in moderation. Each spring, high school and university students head en masse to sunny destinations to let loose or throw parties here at home to unwind from another school term. Make sure you party safely. Binge drinking can have serious impacts on your health. Educate yourself on the 9 ways alcohol can affect your health. And drug use is exceptionally risky in the midst of B.C.’s overdose crisis, where fentanyl has contaminated the illicit drug supply. Read how Fentanyl can be deadly when cut with other drugs or visit to learn more.

Cope with school stress 

  • Survive exams. Spring also brings final exam season, and with it stress. Get tips on how to survive finals and succeed without putting your mental or physical health in jeopardy. If you’re in secondary school, Read our 4 ways to manage exam stress article, and if you are the parent of a child entering exam season and looking for ways to support them, check out 4 ways to help your child manage exam stress.
  • Pack healthy lunches for library study sessions. Fast food isn’t great brain fuel. Take the time to power up your body to its full potential. Our health in a jar how-to article shows you how to make mason jar salads that are good for you, easy to pack and fun to eat. 
  • Know when you need more help. Being a student can be stressful, and longterm stress can lead to depression. If you think you might be experiencing depression, our looking for help with depression guide has simple, step-by-step solutions to help you get what you need to feel better. 

Travel safely

Stay safe outdoors

  • Sunlight is good for us in small doses; it helps the body make vitamin D3, is a good mood booster, and can also be used to treat certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. But even in spring, overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight can also cause serious harm. Check our out sun safety tips for some safe and healthy fun in the sun.
  • Bee, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. Here are some tips from HealthLink BC on preventing stings this spring.
  • Ticks. Spring hikes may mean you’re at greater risk for tick bites. Ticks are tiny bugs which feed on blood and are most often found living in tall grass and wooded areas. They are active in spring through October. Read the Healthlink BC tick bites guide for info on how to avoid tick bites and safely remove ticks if you are bitten.

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