Fraser Health's Family Guide to Services for Seniors

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What, where, why and how to access (mostly) free services.

‘Marjorie’ was a lively 82-year-old with a history of rheumatoid arthritis who had been living on her own in New Westminster with her cat. She’d been a bit unsteady in the shower and her daughter ‘Sara’ was getting nervous about her falling. 
Then, Marjorie had a stroke. Thanks to her subscription to Fraser Health’s Lifeline service, she was able to call for help and was taken by ambulance to Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH). After being stabilized in Emergency, she was admitted as an inpatient. Two weeks later she was assessed as medically stable; in theory she was ready to go home. But the stroke had left her with weakness in her left side, including her arm and leg, causing Sara to wonder if her mom would need to go to a residential care facility. 
But Marjorie insisted she wanted to go home to her cat and her familiar surroundings. Her care team at RCH knew she would need a lot of help to get around, to prepare meals, and to take care of her personal hygiene. But they assured Sara that Marjorie could be supported at home, where she wanted to be. 
The community rehabilitation staff did a home assessment and recommended adaptive devices to help Marjorie use the toilet and move safely throughout her home. Marjorie could also attend an outpatient rehabilitation program at RCH until she could attend the specialized exercise program called Together in Motion and Time (TIME) at the New Westminster recreation centre. Sara knew how important it was that her mom keep exercising so she could continue her recovery from the stroke.
Two weeks later Marjorie was sent home. She was thrilled to see her cat again. A Fraser Health case manager was assigned to coach mom and daughter on how to manage Marjorie’s condition and to support her needs at home by accessing the necessary services, both medical and non-medical. A community health worker came in every day to assist her with bathing, grooming and managing her medications. Sara saw to it that the freezer was stocked with microwaved “home cooked meals” purchased from a local company and that fresh produce was delivered weekly by a local supermarket. Through Better at Home, a United Way service, a housekeeper came in to clean twice a month and a volunteer drove Marjorie to medical appointments when Sara was unavailable. 
Marjorie and Sara both appreciated the reference guide from Fraser Health called 7 Numbers Every Senior Needs. They tacked it to the wall right beside Marjorie’s phone, reassured they had the information they needed if any problems arose. 
Marjorie was able to live at home for three more years until she could no longer manage safely. She was assessed at home for publicly funded residential care; her daughter helped her move and then sold her home and belongings according to plans they had made together. 
We know most seniors are just like Marjorie – they want to live in their own homes for as long as possible. In fact, eight out of 10 Fraser Health seniors over age 85 still do live in their own homes.
In partnership with municipalities, family doctors and other service organizations, Fraser Health is developing more health services in the community to help older adults stay healthy, stay out of hospital and stay in their homes. 
Getting answers to care Fraser Health provides at home begins with a call to our Service Line at 1-855-412-2121. Current clients should request services through their case manager.

Download resources

Fraser Health’s Family Guide to Services for Seniors

Support from Fraser Health to help seniors remain independent Who to call
For personal care such as assistance with bathing, using the toilet, grooming and managing medications – Regular visits by a community health worker (aka home support)
Service Line 1-855-412-2121

Visit for more info
For assistance with post-surgery wounds – Nursing care, either at home or in a community Home Health clinic Service Line 1-855-412-2121

Visit for more info 
For recommendations about equipment and/or exercises to help with everyday tasks like using the toilet, bathing, grooming or moving around in your home – In-home assessment by an occupational or physical therapist  Service Line 1-855-412-2121

To borrow a bath seat, walker, wheelchair, lift, hospital bed etc. or other necessary equipment for a short time if you can’t afford to rent – Referral to the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program Service Line 1-855-412-2121

For continuing rehabilitation – Short-term in-home physiotherapy or occupational therapy Service Line 1-855-412-2121
To provide respite to caregivers and social connections for seniors – Referral to an adult day program for activities in a group setting Service Line 1-855-412-2121
For a personal emergency response system at home – Subscription to Lifeline; help available at the push of a button Service Line 1-855-412-2121

Visit for more info. 
For free emotional support with mental health problems or addictions 24/7 Fraser Health Crisis Line 1-877-820-7444
For a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – Home-based education to manage the disease and prevent flare-ups and hospitalization  Service Line 1-855-412-2121

Visit for more info
For older adults with mental health or substance use concerns  Call your community Fraser Health Mental Health Centre for older adult services 
For mobility issues caused by stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis etc. – Together in Motion and Time (TIME) exercise program at community centres
Register at your local community centre

Visit for more info 
For Fraser Health outpatient rehabilitation services, or private clinics in the community   See your family doctor for a referral and/or call the clinic directly for info
For a palliative care consultation at home, in hospital or hospice  Service Line 1-855-412-2121

Visit for more info. 
For assessment of eligibility for subsidized residential care or assisted living facility Service Line 1-855-412-2121

Visit for more info. 
For assessment of dementia and subsequent care plan 
Referral by a doctor to Fraser Health’s Specialized Seniors Clinics 

Visit for more info. 
To give respite to family members who may be providing some care – Visits by a community health worker, or respite care beds  Service Line 1-855-412-2121 

Visit for more info 
To report a senior who is experiencing abuse, neglect or self-neglect who appears unable to get help on their own due to a physical or mental disability Fraser Health toll-free 1-877-732-2808 or
For information about how to prevent falls  Referral by a doctor to Fraser Health’s Mobile Falls Prevention Clinic
Support from community organizations to help seniors remain independent Who to call
For a serious health emergency  Call 9-1-1 any time of the day or night
For free advice about any health concern  Call 8-1-1 (HealthLink BC) and speak to a nurse any time, day or night, or visit to check symptoms  
For help with tasks around the house as well as friendly visiting and transportation to appointments Call Better at Home in your community or at their regional Lower Mainland number 604-268-1312 or visit A fee may apply.
For free advice about medications during the evening and overnight  Call 8-1-1 and speak to a pharmacist any evening from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. 
For social connections and a wealth of information Call local Seniors Services organizations or visit community libraries
For emergency fee-for-service dental care Call 123Dentist at 604-805-2500 24/7 or visit 123Dentist's website
For a free copy of the 11th edition of the BC Seniors’ Guide Call toll-free 1-877-952-3181. To access a copy online, visit 
For free nutritional information  Call HealthLink 8-1-1 and speak to a dietitian any weekday, or visit
For help with meals Contact programs such as Meals on Wheels, frozen meal delivery programs, other volunteer-run organizations
For free access to computers, audio books, videos, DVDs, CDs to help seniors stay connected. Plus home borrowing program Community libraries
For free info about how to find other services for seniors in your community  Call 2-1-1 or visit and/or visit FETCH, online sites from local Divisions of Family Practice (doctors) Mission, White Rock, South Surrey and South Delta to date
For help with seniors' programs and services Call toll-free 1-877-952-3181 and speak to an information & referral analyst in the office of the BC Seniors Advocate 
For help managing chronic diseases/conditions, look for organizations dedicated to helping Call Alzheimer’s Society of BC, Stroke Recovery Association of BC, Heart and Stroke Foundation, for example
For help with housing issues across the Fraser region 
Call Seniors Services Society 604-520-6621 
To receive support and information if you or someone else is being mistreated  Call Senior Abuse & Information Line 1-866-437-1940 

How much do Fraser Health services cost?

Depending on your income, there may be a charge for home support services supplied by Fraser Health or one of its affiliated agencies. There are no charges for professional services such as nursing, case management, occupational therapy, or physiotherapy provided by Fraser Health.

Home support, which refers to care of a person’s intimate needs such as bathing, dressing and grooming, may be provided on either a short-term or long-term basis:
  • Short-term care services provide home support when there is a time-limited need for it – for example, after emergency hip surgery to help with personal care. There is no charge for this service. If your care needs become chronic and require ongoing home support, you will need long-term care service. 
  • Long-term care services provide home support for clients with ongoing care needs and may be subject to a charge. Client costs are based on client/spousal income.

More information

Visit for information about health care services to support you at home and in your community.


Home Health
Dr. Grace Park has served as the Program Medical Director for Home Health since 2010. As a practicing family physician, she is excited to be working with the Home Health team who provide care and support for clients that allow independent living in the home for as long as possible.
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