Humans of Fraser Health: Francis Horne

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"My mother was a residential school survivor. My father took my baby brother’s life when she was in hospital having my sister. I was a toddler. At nine-years-old, I was taken from my family into foster care as part of the “Sixties Scoop”. Eventually, my older brother came for me. We started carving; I’ve been an artist since. 
Now I work with Aboriginal patients doing spiritual counselling and making sure they receive culturally appropriate care. I teach about forgiveness and letting go of anger, shame, blame and guilt. When we forgive ourselves and those who’ve hurt us, we take our power back. When someone takes back the spirit – the love – they’ve surrendered, powerful things take place. 
I tell people they can still be a success story. That’s what my journey is. I’ve come a long way from those terrible days. At 63, I’ve succeeded. I tell my wife and five kids I love them every day. My kids are amazing: one’s getting her masters and my son is a Stó:lō Chief. 
My advice: live in harmony, love, forgive and care for people. My grandfather used to say, “The only time we’re allowed to look down on people is when we’re putting our hand down to help them back up.” 

- Francis Horne, Elder in Residence, Aboriginal Health Services 

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