Humans of Fraser Health: Deljit Bains

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"I grew up in Kamloops with four sisters and a brother. Our parents taught us the importance of family, community involvement, treating people equally and helping each other. I joined health care because I’ve always enjoyed taking care of people.
I became a registered nurse 25 years ago. I’ve worked in the operating room, taught nursing students – even spent five years at a private clinic in Yaletown providing lip and Botox injections. I came to Fraser Health in 2007 and never looked back. I’ve managed our surgical and cardiac portfolios and helped develop the Jim Pattision Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre from the ground up. Today, I lead the South Asian Health Institute. Our main goal is to engage, empower and educate the South Asian community on how to make healthier choices. When my parents passed away young from chronic diseases, I realized how important it is to adopt healthy behaviours and to be aware of your health resources and how to access them. That’s what drives my passion.   
I like to read, cook, travel and socialize – it's healthy to laugh and share stories. Speaking of stories, I once delivered a baby in the parking lot of Surrey Memorial Hospital – I wasn’t even working there at the time!"
-- Deljit Bains, Leader, South Asian Health Institute, Fraser Health

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