High five your health care provider - July 14, 2017

08/07/2017 8:38:06 AM | 0 comments |
This week's high fives go out to our incredible people at Chilliwack General Hospital, Langley Memorial Hospital and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

After having searched several sites I think I am on the right one.

I have nothing but praise for the whole medical and support staff at the Chilliwack General Hospital. I have been admitted at least three times since February of this year and each time I was afforded GREAT care and attention by the staff. I was particularly impressed by the care taken to make sure I was comfortable. My last admission was 22/6/17 with stay of 15 days. I would recommend Chilliwack General and its entire staff to anybody requiring hospital care. 

Hello, just a quick note of thanks for the excellent service I have been receiving at the downtown Langley facility. I have attended twice and have found the staff to be friendly, welcoming and very efficient.

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