High five your health care provider - July 31, 2015

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I have been visiting Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre’s Pain Clinic since 2012 on a fairly regular basis for treatment on my neck and lower back, both for consultations and RFLs. The RFLs have been very successful in allowing me to manage my chronic pain during my daily life. However, the main reason for this note is to bring to your attention the staff. While I do see many familiar faces on my visits to the 3rd & 4th floors and they are always courteous, it is the 'team' of Dr. David Twist and NP Ruth Ringland that I must highlight. Besides being very knowledgeable, professional and very personable, they seem to work very well together. During consultations, they have both been very intent on helping me with my continuing chronic pain, offering very helpful suggestions and possible treatments. During the actual RFLs (on the 4th floor), they continue with their professionalism. They allow interaction with myself, when necessary and able, as well as carrying out their 'teamwork' in a very courteous and professional manner. Thanks for allowing this medium to provide you with well-deserved comments on David and Ruth. 

10 thumbs up for the Chilliwack General Hospital emergency staff - we arrived after midnight last night. My husband had extreme pain in his upper back near his 'wings.’ It started mid-afternoon and he couldn't handle it anymore. Because he is a heart patient, even though none of us were certain it was heart, they took no chances and ran a lot of tests. The heart appears to be fine. We have had many visits to emergency for my husband in the last few years - one was for a large GI bleed, another cracked ribs, then several more times before a stress test revealed a blockage and he received a stent at Royal Columbian. Every visit to your emergency, apart from the health concerns, was a pleasant one. Your staff are all A-1. We understand that there are time waits for test results and others with greater health issues than my husbands. In the few minutes we waited to enter the ER, we noticed for the first time the rating charts. We didn't know that we could let you know how grateful we have always been for the care and compassion we have received. Thank you! You get a resounding 10!!! 

My mother visited the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre this morning for blood work, an ECG, and a chest X-ray.  My sister, father and I accompanied my mother, as she is in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. As my mom lacks verbal skills and has difficulty following instructions, we were prepared for a long morning. I cannot say enough about how well my mother was treated by your staff members.  They worked quickly and efficiently; they kept the mood light and friendly, communicated directly with my mom with gentleness and smiles which resulted in my mother going through each procedure with ease. Thank you to your wonderful staff for their kindness and patience. 

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