High five your health care provider - July 10, 2015

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First published in the Langley Times, July 11

Editor: We would like to express our profound thanks to the Township of Langley’s Parks and Recreation department for their offering of the TIME (Together in Movement & Exercise) program.
This program was designed by physical therapists for persons suffering from strokes, acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and other mobility concerns.
My husband suffered two major strokes in February, 2013 and was left unable to walk.  After months of rehabilitation, he regained a lot of his strength and mobility. However, he must continue to exercise or he will lose the gains that he has achieved.
He exercises daily, but twice a week he goes to the Walnut Grove recreation centre for one hour.
There, he is able to perform recommended exercises in a small group of people under the supervision of a trainer, who has had specific training from Fraser Health.
This has enabled him to enjoy his independence. I know that there are so many demands on all our tax dollars and we are just very thankful that Langley Township has seen the wisdom of offering this program as part of his stroke recovery.
Ron and Mary Marquette, 

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