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Fact or Myth? Avoid the dentist during pregnancy

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Myth. Preventive dental care and examination are recommended during pregnancy.  Physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy can increase susceptibility to oral infection which can affect your baby’s health. 

Having healthy teeth also lowers the risk of passing decay-causing germs to your baby. Professional cleanings and check-ups are safe at any time during pregnancy.  Be sure to tell your dental professional that you are pregnant.

Reduce your chance of infections

If you do have a dental problem while pregnant, it is important to have it checked.  Cavities and gum problems should be treated to reduce the chance of infection.  The best time to have dental work during pregnancy is in the second trimester, when you are feeling your best and can still lie on your back for an extended time.  Of course emergency dental treatment such as pain, swelling or infection should be treated immediately.  

Freezing and x-rays are safe

Your dentist will use a safe amount of local anesthetic (freezing) to protect your baby and make you comfortable.  X-rays of your teeth may be needed to perform certain dental procedures, especially emergencies.  Your dental professional will shield you and your baby with a lead apron if x-rays are required.

A mothers loses a tooth for every child

That’s another myth.

Learn more

Visit our Best Beginnings website or contact the dental public health program at your local health unit to learn more about dental care during pregnancy.

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