Humans of Fraser Health: Barbara Radons

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“I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years and I worked in St. Paul’s Hospital ER until 2006. We saw many frail elderly who didn’t receive consistent care. I wanted to do more so I became a Nurse Practitioner. I joined Fraser Health in an Acute Care for the Elderly unit, then Home Health, and now residential care.

Working in this field, you’re kind of a hostage negotiator. You can’t draw a line in the sand, you have to be flexible. When families come here, it’s a difficult time; they’re placing their family member into institutional care and may not want to. People come with fears. Often, if a family is not happy, really, they’re just afraid. So I give all my families my cell number. I say if you’re really worried, call anytime. They rarely call, but it reassures them because they know they can. Nurse Practitioners provide medical care, but we also have a nursing lens and a holistic perspective.

My mother died when I was 25. That was a pivotal moment for me. Sometimes I say to families, ‘How lucky you are to have your mom. She’s 95, and you’ve had her your entire life.’”

 – Barbara Radons, Nurse Practitioner, Residential Care

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