Humans of Fraser Health: Ramon Montecillo

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"On December 7, 2012, at 55-years-old, I suffered a major hemorrhagic stroke that changed my life instantly. It was a shock to my family and friends because I lived a healthy lifestyle of daily exercise and proper diet.

When I called 9-1-1 my speech was slurred, but I was able to communicate I needed help. It was an eerie feeling of being alone until the paramedics arrived. I feared I wouldn’t see my family again.

I spent the next nine months at Eagle Ridge Hospital for intensive rehabilitation. Apart from total left-side body paralysis, the stroke also affected my short-term memory.

The road to recovery is long and challenging and sometimes I still ride the waves of sadness longing for my past life. My journey tested the strength of my faith and my family, especially that of my wife and daughter who are my strongest supporters.

Now I happily spend each day volunteering at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Eagle Ridge Hospital, a long term care facility, and as a health mentor at UBC. I’m also working on becoming a certified counsellor.

Whatever challenges life brings you, celebrate it. It’s beautiful."

- Ramon Montecillo, Volunteer, Volunteer Resources

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