Mental health and substance use resources available online

23/01/2017 1:51:07 PM | 1 comments |
Fraser Health’s online mental health and substance use resource -- -- provides essential information to individuals and their families seeking support for mental health and/or substance use concerns.

"I'm excited about this new web resource because it's challenging enough to have a mental illness or support a loved one through it. Finding mental health information, resources and services should be easy," says Clara. 

Clara, whose story is featured in the video below, has lived experience of mental illness. She got sick at age 17 while she was at university. Her journey with mental illness has been tough, but with treatment, respect and family support, today Clara is living a happy and fulfilling life. She is a proud mom of two boys, a social worker with Fraser Health and a public speaker. She maintains her well-being by being self-aware and proactive about managing her symptoms.

Need support and information about mental health and substance use services for you or your loved one? Visit

linda weinberg
This is Beautiful.
Thank you Clara
Love and Hugs. Linda Weinberg
25/01/2017 4:08:37 PM

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