High five your health care provider - February 5, 2016

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This morning at 8:15am, at Peace Arch Hospital, I walked into Imaging for a back X-ray with no appointment. I took a number and was called immediately (there was a very efficient gentleman at reception), changed into gown, and a technician called my name. I was on my way before 8:45am. What a smooth-running operation! My doctor phoned the next day to say he had results; what service. 
Since we moved to White Rock two years ago (from Sechelt) my husband has been admitted to Peace Arch once for surgery and twice (at least) has had to go to Emergency with heart problems. We have nothing but praise for the Peace Arch staff, whether doctors, nurses or technicians.

Even though my baby girl was born over a month ago at Abbotsford Regional Hospital I have definitely had my hands full. This doesn't take away from the fact that I have wanted to write a letter in hopes that this nurse receives the message. 

On the day of the delivery of my baby girl, we had a nurse who went by the name of Melanie. Now I am pretty accident prone and visited the hospital very frequently growing up – I have been under the care of many nurses. With that being said, this is definitely a different circumstance, as well as a different department entirely, but Melanie was hands down one of the best nurses this hospital has ever hired and I feel they have been very fortunate to bring her on to the team.

Melanie took the time to get to know me and my partner, and was alongside us every step of the way. She was very comforting for not only my girlfriend, but even myself, telling me different ways with hopes of easing labour pain for my girlfriend.

Her patience and job skill definitely helped my girlfriend’s labour tremendously. I honestly felt if she wasn't in the room, things probably would have looked a whole lot different. Melanie even came back from her break early once she found out that labour was progressing.

Thank you, Melanie, for everything you did that night. The hospital needs more nurses like you! We appreciate everything you did and I hope this message gets passed onto you.

Langley Times Letter: Langley Memorial Hospital nurses were 'angels from God'
I was taken by ambulance on Jan. 3 to Langley Memorial Hospital after spending five days in bed with pain I did not recognize. But finally, I told my husband that I have to go. Thank God I did.

After arriving at the hospital and having several procedures done to me, maybe three or four hours went by and a doctor came to me and said, “(You) had better call (your) family and let them know that I have to operate on you.”

I was floored. So that night I had my appendix out; it burst when he did it. If I had been home I would have been a goner.

I was on the second floor and I was moved four times. My point is that Langley nurses were angels from God. They are the most caring nurses I have ever encountered.  They smile and are patient and loving. When I cried, they hugged me.

I also have to thank my doctor for saving my life. I wouldn’t be home now except for him.
Thank you Langley Hospital I now feel fantastic.

I was in surgical daycare, the OR, and then recovery area at Langley Memorial Hospital yesterday.  I am so grateful for the excellent, friendly, efficient care I received. Thank you for everything. 

I am a patient at your rehab services clinic at Surrey Memorial Hospital and was treated by Tory. I want you to know how awesome Tory is as a therapist.  She is very professional and personable at the same time. I am a senior and have had to seek the services of physiotherapists in my past. None, in my experience, measure up to Tory.  She is knowledgeable and caring about me, the patient. I have to thank her for the progress she has made in the recovery of my injury. She is such an asset to your group!

I was recently a patient in the ER Department of Surrey Memorial Hospital. Beginning at reception and continuing until a nurse wheeled me to the front door, the staff was polite and caring. The physician was Dr. Rob Cheyne and the only nurse’s name I remember was Karen. All personnel are to be commended on their attitude and skills. I hope you will bring these kudos to their attention.

Want to recognize a health care provider who is outstanding? Nominate them for a Fraser Health Above and Beyond Award.

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