Fraser Health stands against health care violence

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We care about the health and safety of our people. There is no place for intentional violent behaviour against health care workers by patients, families, or visitors in our care sites.

To help educate the public about this important issue we are running a ‘stop violence’ awareness campaign in which our people talk about their experience with violence. Our hope is to create a greater awareness of the human impact of violence on health care workers by sharing these stories and messages through social media and the web.

Thanks to our employees, patients, and family members who have taken the time to share their perspectives in the development of these materials and to our amazing employees and physicians who have bravely shared their personal recounts of violence. 

A patient with dementia spits in my face. I take a deep breath and say ‘she doesn’t realize what she is doing’. But sometimes it’s worse. This is my experience of aggression and violence working as a Care Aide in Medicine at Burnaby Hospital.

Read Carly's story.
Working in Emergency Medicine for 25 years I have encountered numerous incidents of violence. For me the most volatile situations involve disclosing death. In one such case a grieving man became angry and grabbed a hold of my shoulders. It was a scary encounter.  

Read Dr. Urbain Ip's story.
With violence every second matters. Once I saw a nurse assaulted by a patient. I was only two-seconds away to reach her but it felt like forever.  

Read Heather's story.
My job as a Patient Care Coordinator on the Medicine unit puts me at the front-line for complaints. Some of these conversations can be difficult but I do welcome the feedback. It’s an opportunity to improve the care experience for our patients. And when it comes to violence prevention it gives us the chance to immediately address concerns and prevent violent situations.

Read Irene's story.
Sheile keeps staff safe from violence. She shares how violence prevention is her life's work.

Read Sheile's story.
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