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Will that be CBT, IPT or Omega 3?

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The treatment names may be confusing but with the right treatment, 80 per cent of people with depression feel better or no longer experience symptoms at all, according to, the website of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information.

Some common treatments, used on their own or in combination are*:

Counselling from a health professional:

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT): Teaches you skills to help change your view of the world by coaching you to break the negative patterns of thought and action that can keep the depression going.
  • Interpersonal therapy (IPT): Often when you are depressed your relationships with other people suffer. IPT can teach you skills to improve how you interact with other people.
  • Medication: There are many different types of effective medication for depression, and different kinds work in different ways. Talk to your doctor to find out if medication is right for you, and if so, how to take it properly.
  • Light therapy: This treatment has been proven effective for people with seasonal affective disorder, when light levels are at their lowest in winter. Patients sit near a special light for about half an hour a day. Consult your doctor first because side effects are common.
  • Self-help: For mild depression, or when moderate or severe depression begins to improve with other treatments, you can do some things on your own to help keep you feeling better. Regular exercise, eating well, managing stress, spending time with friends and family, spirituality, and monitoring your use of alcohol and other drugs can help keep depression from returning or getting worse.
  • Some find that herbal remedies, such as St. John’s Wort and Omega-3, help with their depression symptoms, but herbal remedies can have side effects and interfere with other medications. Consult your doctor first.
*Based on HeretoHelp’s Learn about Depression fact sheet.

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