Say Hello to the Humans of Fraser Health
Follow along this year in our Humans of Fraser Health series as we profile some of the amazing humans working in our health authority.
January 11, 2018
Recipe for health-conscious seniors: Fruit Lax
Try this high-fibre ‘jam’ to keep the workings moving at their regular pace. Spread it on toast or mix it into hot cereal; or plain low-fat, unsweetened yogurt. Easy to make, easy to eat.
February 24, 2017
Decreasing hospitalization of seniors in residential care
The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and Fraser Health today announced that they are fast-tracking the regional spread of an innovative screening tool that reduced transfers to the emergency department (ED) from residential care by 71 per cent.
February 22, 2017
High five your health care provider - February 17, 2017
This week's kudos go to our amazing people at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital and the Asthma Clinic.
February 20, 2017
What I Do Matters: Walk in someone else’s shoes today
We asked our staff to share what "what I do matters" means to them in just six words. Read one hospice nurse's story behind her six word story.  
February 20, 2017
Fraser Health submits supervised consumption services application to Health Canada
As part of our efforts to bring supervised consumption services to communities where the need is greatest, Fraser Health is pleased to announce that we have submitted the remaining components of our application for supervised consumption services in Surrey to Health Canada this week.
February 17, 2017
What’s fibre got to do with my heart?
You may have heard that fibre can help keep you regular and even prevent certain cancers, but did you know that fibre can also keep your heart healthy? 
February 14, 2017
Nothing says 'I love you' like an STI
Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for couples to proclaim their love, but whether you’re in a relationship, casually dating or single and looking to mingle, contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is a sure way to turn down the romance.
February 14, 2017
Fraser Health Crisis Line seeking volunteers
The Fraser Health Crisis Line is looking for volunteers to provide assistance to people who are experiencing emotional distress. No previous experience is needed.
February 10, 2017
Meet the Hackers: Team First Responders create an overdose alert system
Team First Responders developed an app that identifies areas with high overdose rates. The app allows a user to trigger a response from someone in the immediate area of an overdose who can administer Naloxone quickly, increasing the chance of survival. 
February 10, 2017
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