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Dr. Joelle Bradley  

Advance Care Planning
Dr. Joelle Bradley is a FHA hospitalist who spends her evenings and weekends championing Advance Care Planning (ACP) and Physician Wellness.  Too often, ACP is a missed opportunity for individuals to explore their health goals, values and beliefs with loved ones so they get health care aligned with their preferences in the event they are unable to speak for themselves.  Joelle is committed to her vision that everyone in our community will engage in their ACP journey regardless of age, religion or education. 

She is the Lead Physician for the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice community Advance Care Planning Steering Committee. 

Her other passion is physician wellness. She engages physicians’ resourcefulness to creatively expand their personal and community wellness where it wasn’t thought possible.  She is the Physician Lead and co-founder of the Royal Columbian Hospital and Area Physician Advocating Wellness Group and sits on the provincial Physicians Advocating Wellness Advisory Group. 

Her other activities include acting as treasurer on the board of the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, training as lifecoach, Crossfitting and loving all things retro.

Areas of Expertise

Advance Care Planning